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DENTIN is the dental board preparation  leader for dental students to easily pass the NBDE, NBDHE, ADEX, WREB, and FL Dental Laws. Our awesome study guides are used by thousands of dental students, dental hygiene students, and dentists globally. DENTIN study guides are "high yield" providing dental students and dentists with clear, concise, and current test preparation content to achieve scoring excellence on U.S. dental examinations and dental licensure boards. 



Ricky Rubin

VITAL PULP EMERGENCY: patient may report spontaneous, sharp, or radiating pain. Classic chief complaint is sudden, intense, and prolonged painful response to COLD.  

  • Vital Emergency Treatment: achieve profound anesthesia (can be tough), reduce occlusion if needed, prepare access cavity, and perform pulpotomy. If bleeding stops, place a dry cotton pellet and place a provisional restoration or complete definitive treatment if time permits. If bleeding persists from a specific canal after completing the pulpotomy, extirpate the pulp from the culprit canal. 

NECROTIC PULP EMERGENCY: patient may report dull, throbbing ache, pain from biting pressure and/or intra/extra oral swelling. Classic chief complaint is severe pain to HEAT that is alleviated by a cold liquid

  • Necrotic Emergency Treatment: anesthetize, isolate and perform pulpotomy only then adjust occlusion. Place one large cotton pellet in access cavity and LEAVE TOOTH OPEN to drain exudate for 3-4 days is the most predictable relief. Complete RCT at next scheduled appointment.