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DENTIN is the dental board preparation  leader for dental students to easily pass the NBDE, NBDHE, ADEX, WREB, and FL Dental Laws. Our awesome study guides are used by thousands of dental students, dental hygiene students, and dentists globally. DENTIN study guides are "high yield" providing dental students and dentists with clear, concise, and current test preparation content to achieve scoring excellence on U.S. dental examinations and dental licensure boards. 



Ricky Rubin

627. A 34-year old female presents to the dental clinic with a history of Crohn’s disease and chronic IBD. She complains of sore oral ulcerations with oral malodour for about one month. Upon intra-oral examination, you find multiple exophytic pustules with yellowish appearance on the tender erythematous base that covers the entire gingiva, buccal mucosa, and vestibular oral mucosa. The oral lesions resemble “SNAIL TRACKS”and appear histologically as intraepithelial clefting and acantholysis with eosinophil accumulation within the spinous layer. The underlying connective tissue shows mixed inflammatory cell infiltration. The diagnosis is PYOSTOMATITIS VEGETANS.

628.    PYOSTOMATITIS VEGETANS (PV) most commonly affects the labial gingiva, soft and hard palate, and buccal and labial mucosa. PV rarely affects the tongue and mouth floorBOTH TRUE.